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aerial photo rasdhoo atoll 4203Rasdhoo Atoll is a comparatively small atoll and we almost always dive on the outside reef which means we have deep water (+-160m) and this attracts many pelagic species. We have different types of dive sites which vary between channels, walls, reefs and thilas. We even have three wrecks (40m, 34m and 7m long) in the atoll, the first of which we dive regularly (as a night dive). Drift diving with the current along the outside wall of the atoll is usually easy while channel dives can have more current and are more challenging.

The fish life here in Rasdhoo Atoll is diverse and abundant. You can see several different types of sharks here, eagle rays, sting rays, manta rays (our manta season is really Nov-Apr), turtles (green and hawksbill), barracuda, tuna, napoleons, schools of trevally, groupers, morays, leaf fish, frogfish, ghost pipefish, ribbon eels and much more. Very occasionally we can see the elusive whale shark in Rasdhoo Atoll or North Ari atoll.

One dive is not enough? Come with us on safari

IMG_0730Our weekly full or three times weekly half day dive safaris to North Ari atoll on Thursdays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays respectively (minimum number of divers required) are not to be missed! We make either two or three dives on some of the famous sites there. Breakfast is included in the half day trip boat fee and also lunch on the full day trip. With the right conditions, this is a wonderful diving adventure and memorable day out on the magnificent Indian Ocean. We often select a few sites from: Maaya Thila, Hafza Thila, Dega Thila, Hohola Thila, Kandholhudhoo Thila, Fishhead, Malhoss Thila, Donkalo Thila, Gangehi Pass, Malhoss Bodu Thila, Bathala Maaga Kanthila, Bathala Thila, Kandholhu house reef, Panettone, Himendhoo Thila, Fesdu Wreck, Orimas Thila, Moofushi Kandu, etc. depending if we are out for a half day or full day trip. We leave at 6.00 and return around 13.00 on the half day and 17.30 on the full day. Nitrox is of great benefit on both safaris.

Price: check our current pricelist.

Divers can also dive unguided with their buddy on the house reef, but we specify that they should have at least the Advanced certificate and 50 logged dives, as there is only one and the same entry/exit point and it is not always an easy dive!

DSC08985Night diving is available on a 40 m long wreck or on the house reef at least four times a week. Night diving cannot be done unguided. If you are concerned (or fascinated) about sharks, you will see sharks here and even juvenile black-tip reef sharks directly off the beach, but we do not have great whites! Divers will see sharks on most dives with frequent sightings of white-tips, black-tips, grey reef sharks and hammerheads, but leopard sharks, nurse sharks and silvertips can also be spotted. Many visitors, including some divers, are uneasy about sharks, but usually recognize from observing their behaviour that they are quite wary of us. Most divers find the experience of seeing sharks a fascinating encounter and one of the highlights of their diving adventure here. None of us working here has ever experienced or seen a shark attack and between us we have more than 25,000 dives!

So whether you are a beginner, a young diver, an experienced diver or someone who used to dive and wants to start again, we hope we have convinced you to come and dive with us and experience the beauty and adventure of diving in the Maldives with the Rasdhoo Divers team!