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NLMIV-385Kuramathi is an ideal place to learn to dive with warm water (29°C), good visibility, a shallow lagoon for training on one side of the island and stunning reefs teeming with marine life on the other. Each year these near perfect conditions help us to introduce many guests to this incredible world. So if you have watched the breathtaking images of National Geographic or the Blue Planet with divers seemingly suspended in a blue void, surrounded by thousands of shimmering fish pulsating with the energy of a vast ocean and thought, “Wow that looks like an amazing world and I want to explore it too!” Now is your chance. Don’t be intimidated even if you are apprehensive – being a little nervous is totally normal – just stop by and try it. Our “cool, calm and collected” professional instructor team will guide you through the first steps and do everything to help you have an excellent first diving experience. Please read on in the next webpages to discover more information about learning to dive on beautiful Kuramathi!